Omelette with tomato-mushroom-eggplant sauce; salad with pomegranate seeds – 11 December 2011

D saw me doing the first night of Fiona’s curry and thought it was for this dinner. About 7pm he asked, and found out it wasn’t. He made a wonderful dinner on the spot.

He cut up a very long Japanese eggplant our friend J had given away quite awhile ago (still good!) and some mushrooms from the fridge, and cooked them with some onions and a can of tomatoes. This became a most delicious omelette sauce. I think the omelette had some fontina in it, too. He also made a quick salad our of romaine, treviso or radicchio (looks like treviso – hard to tell though), and pomegranate seeds, with a dressing of sherry vinegar and olive oil.

I toasted a couple of slices of sesame-seed-coated bread from Octoberfeast, which D got at Saturday’s Grand Lake farmers’ market. It made wonderful toast!

We had 1/3 of this bottle of wine for lunch, and thought it was ok but not impressive. That was also our opinion at dinner, though the price of $4.99 made it reasonably impressive in its class. The label, however, it gorgeous.

{Written the 12th}

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