Panini with treviso and scamorze; salad with pomegranate seeds – 12 December 2011

Last night I started a lamb curry which I intended to finish off tonight (cook another hour, add tomatoes and cilantro) while we brought home the Christmas tree from the Bowl. However, D found they were out of trees but expected a delivery – so that event will be tomorrow. D bought a ciabatta roll and we had panini. Or rather, one panino cut in half – plus a nice salad.

Per the cookbooks from ‘ino in New York, D cuts the top off the ciabatta roll before filling and grilling it. He used scamorze, thin-sliced treviso, currants, and some oil that he infused with oranges. He made a salad in the few minutes that the panino sat in the press: romaine, more treviso, and some pomegranate seeds over the top, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. He also cut up the very last of the bread from Octoberfeast that he got Saturday at the Grand Lake market. Great dinner!

D brought up a bottle of house-favorite Cotes du Ventoux from Chateau Saint-Sauveur, now simply labeled Ventoux. Love it!


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