Pizza with leftover omelette sauce – 14 December 2011

Since we still had no bread and none in process, I decided this morning that I might as well make a pizza, not having done so (b/c not cooking) in quite awhile. But what kind? What sort of stuff was loose in the fridge wanting eating? Oh hey, the omelette sauce with mushrooms and eggplant that D made on the 12th!

Also, I still had not cut up and frozen the Precious part-skim mozzarella from Costco, so that was easy. I had a little container of grated parmaggiano that I had taken to work to top some pasta and then forgotten to use, so I mixed that with about 3 oz of grated mozz. I brushed the pizza dough with garlic oil after baking about 1 1/2 minutes, then topped with the omelette sauce, and strewed the cheeses over the top. I baked another 6 minutes or a bit less.

Tossed some chopped parsley (from the garden) over the top after cooking. The crust was a bit odd – sort of fried, b/c I put too much oil on it I think – but the pizza was pretty decent overall.

D chose the Epicuro Nero d’Avola to have with this and it was really yummy.


{Written the 14th. Posted and images added the 20th.}

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