Scotch Broth; P’tit Basque cheese; turnips – 15 December 2011

I managed to use the lamb broth this time. Yay!

When I cut up the lamb leg from Costco for the curry, I put all the fat, much with small bits of attached meat, into a pot and boiled it a lot. I removed the solids and refrigerated the broth and solids separately. After the refrigeration, there was a crust of hard fat on top of the broth that was practically like plastic, so it was very easy to remove. I carefully pulled as many lambits as I could off the fat in the solids and returned them to the broth. I diced a yellow onion and two carrots and sauteed them a bit in oil before adding them, and a bouquet of thyme branches, to the broth. Cooked for maybe 20 minutes and served. This made about 4 servings, two of which were subsequently split three ways for lunch {writing this on the 21st}. I believe I put in about 1 tsp of salt, but that has to be done by taste.

I decided this was the time to open the P’tit Basque cheese we got at Costco. It is a terrific cheese, and was wonderful with the good bread. There were also two thick wedges of turnips left from D’s dinner a few days ago, and I sliced these thinner and reheated in butter till they got a bit browned. They were quite good.

D chose a bottle of Ol’ Red, which R recommended, provided a copy of, and then purchased a case of for us at Grocery Outlet earlier this fall. It really is a tasty wine, and cost I think $3.99 or even $2.99.

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