Pesto; P’tit Basque; pear salad with pecans – 16 December 2011

I got home late after getting all my work done before the campus furlough period. No idea what to cook, so I looked in the freezer to see if there was anything we’d previously frozen that would work for dinner. Voila! Pesto cubes!

So I defrosted two of those – made in an ice cube tray and then transferred to an airtight container – and cooked up 5 oz of spaghetti for the two of us. Upon tasting, I recalled that this was the batch made with too little parmesan, so we ended up grating some over the top (after the picture). For a bit of protein, I sliced up more of the P’tit Basque.

I was amused by the randomness of the “setting” before the plates arrived…

I added a salad of pears and pecan pieces over romaine and treviso (the treviso became hidden by the pears, unfortunately). I used olive oil and either sherry or red raspberry vinegar for dressing {writing on the 21st} and a bit of salt and pepper.

D brought up what we have begun to think of as our Friday Wine: Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which we get for about $12 at Costco. By the case.

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