Mom’s chili; green beans; exceptional wine – 18 December 2011

Tonight I made the chili that Mom used to make every Christmas Eve, to have when everyone was hysterically wrapping presents and generally going nuts. After a simple beginning, the chili simmers for 3-4 hours, while you do other stuff. I couldn’t find my recipe card of it, and had to call and have her read it to me, but of course that was fun anyway. Mom calls this “Janet’s Chili” after the friend who gave her the recipe, probably 50 about years ago.

Then, I found out we actually had only 1/2 pound of hamburger in the freezer, so I had to go to the Bowl and get an additional pound. I bought the 15% fat version ($5.15/lb) and did have to suction off quite a bit of fat after browning the hamburger and onions in olive oil. [I tipped up the pan up at an angle, and mooshed the hamburger and onion to the upper half to let the grease drip to the lower part of the pan for awhile, then used a basting tube to suction it out of the pan.]

I browned the one chopped onion (a biggie) and 1 1/2 lb hamburger in a bit of oil, salting with 1 tsp salt early in the process. I removed the grease as above and added the rest of the ingredients: 2 cans (~14 oz each) tomatoes with their juice (I used Costco diced tomatoes – I think they were S&W), 2 cans kidney beans with their liquid (ditto), 1 Tbsp chili powder (I used ancho from the Bowl’s bulk area), and 1 tsp brown sugar. Then the chili just cooks for 3-4 hours on top of the stove. I added some water at least once. Be sure it doesn’t burn.

D went out to our shed and brought in the kidney beans, and also some green beans from a Costco large batch we bought awhile ago. These are in our EQ stash, but have to be rotated, so we eat them occasionally, even though they are canned. I just heated them up and drained them, then added a bit of butter. They have a pleasantly warm taste, but they don’t taste much like green beans. It’s like Sanka, which is nice, but it’s nohow coffee.

D opened a remarkable bottle of wine, which, the donors (E&R) say we were supposed to drink awhile ago. It was really wonderful, before, during, and after dinner. It was a Graves, a Grand Vin de Bordeaux from 2001.    A very special treat!

{Written the 18th, edited and pictures added the 20th}

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