Lamb tagine with aprocots and prunes; sautee mix with red-dyed garlic – 21 December 2011

This was the second real success from my tagine book. More than half have been uninteresting, but this was quite good.

Lamb chunks are cooked with onion and garlic and also blanched almonds and a bunch of good-smelling spices; then water is added and the lamb is cooked till tender. About 20 minutes from the end, dried apricots and prunes are added. Of course parsley is sprinkled over the top just before serving. We were out of couscous, but D dug up some millet that I had bought in spring from some kids, in support of a training program they were in. I found the millet pretty bland, but it did make a good base for the tagine.

I bought some sautee mix at the Bowl, and it has mustard greens, very foldy kale, and some unidentified flat red leaves in it (among others). I’m sure the red leaves or some of the others were beet greens, b/c when I added the cleaned greens to the oil with garlic, they dyed the garlic a glorious shade or pink-red.

I’ve finally gotten used to the idea that white wine can go with red meat, so long as we’re talking about red meat in sweet surroundings. This tagine is cinnamony and fruity and cardamomy and would not treat a red wine all that well, but the BearBoat was just fine for it. This wine was quite a find at Grocery Outlet earlier this year (I think it was this year) for about $6. We still have several bottles, I’m pretty sure.

{Written the 27th}

It is disturbing me that I think I have already written this, and that the tags are there, but I can’t find the post…

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