Chicken, tomatoes, romaine, and bread, coated and broiled; sugar snap peas – 23 December 2011

I spotted this recipe when looking through the last issue 😦 of Gourmet, from November 2009, for good dinner ideas for Christmas. This caught my eye because of its beauty, and it looked pretty easy. The reviews on epicurious made me eager to try it, and it really turned out well.

I had to double the recipe b/c it is written for one – a nice service on Gourmet’s part, since relatively few recipes are written for the lone diner. Everything gets put under the broiler at once, and you take things out as they are done. I put the chicken in one pan and the non-meats in the other. The chicken I sliced into two layers, each less than 1/2 inch thick. The recipe calls for “cutlets” about 1/4 inch thick, so I had some concerns about whether this would cook in the time alloted. I ended up cooking stuff till it looked done, without regard to the clock, and those times were very different from the times in the recipe. I cut up two Costco chicken breasts, each into two parts, and broiled them for about 2 minutes, turning the pan in the middle b/c of the uneven heating on our broiler, then turned the chicken over to Side Two. I lopped on some of the mayonnaise/dijon/lemon dressing as instructed in the recipe (but it has you cook the chicken only on one side) and returned the chicken to the broiler. When the mayo/dijon sauce got rather brown, I moved the chicken pan to the bottom of the oven to keep warm (noting that it might actually cook some more but not burn) until ready to serve.

The bread, cut from the center of a round loaf we baked yesterday, and brushed with olive oil, was done on both sides well before the chicken (as the recipe suggested it would be). Two tomatoes – Romas – cut in half, cut sides brushed with oil, and sprinkled with dried thyme – took the longest – several minutes beyond the Romaine. The lettuce was tossed in a lemon/oil/S&P dressing before broiling. I was going to give each of us the larger piece of chicken from the flat side of the breast, but it really looked like too much, so we ate the smaller pieces, and the larger ones will be for sandwiches for lunch, probably for both Saturday and Monday.

I used up some more of the “use-me-quickly” sugar snap peas I bought on Thursday at the Bowl. Just stemmed them, washed and dried, and sauteed quickly in oil and some butter for flavor, with salt and pepper while cooking.

D brought up what is becoming our official Friday Wine, Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, and we loved it again.

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