Leftover chicken breast with mayo-dijon-lemon sauce; Thai jasmine rice; sugar snap peas with mint – 26 December 2011

D looked through the fridge this morning and found pork from yesterday and chicken from late last week. We decided to use up the chicken tonight and the pork for lunch tomorrow.

I reheated the single chicken-breast-slice (I had cut them into thinner slabs), coated and cooked with a good sauce, in a small cast-iron frying pan over medium, then low, heat, with olive oil, for perhaps 10-15 mins, covered. I couldn’t flip it over b/c of the sauce stacked on top, so I heated it slowly from one side. Worked great. I made up another one serving of the sauce: 3T mayonnaise, 2tsp Dijon mustard, 2T grated parmesan, and 1/2 tsp grated lemon zest, mixed. I cooked up 3/4 cup (dry) of Thai jasmine rice in twice as much water, with a little salt this time, and it cooked about 15 mins as usual. I cut the chicken breast slice crosswise and served half to each of us, leaning up on the side of a bed of rice, with half the sauce at the intersection. I also cooked up most of the remaining sugar snap peas (after stemming/defibering) in butter for maybe 5 minutes, but I didn’t watch the time. Should have salted them a bit, but overall, ok. I got several mint leaves from our neighbor T”s yard and tossed those in near the end of the cooking. Great quick veggie (after the stemming, that is).

D chose a white for this meal, a Cameron Hughes Lot 91 Chardonnay from the Russian River. I have to say we both disliked this one. The bouquet was nice, and suggested a good, somewhat oaky chard, but there was a sour, hard taste to it that neither of us cared for.

D suggested we open a pear, so I grabbed one of the Bartletts, and he also got some of R’s chocolate cookies, which apparently contain something like orange peel, to add to the dessert. Both the pear and the cookie were outstanding.

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