Pasta with leftover pork tenderloin in pomegranate sauce; chard stems – 27 December 2011

D suggested making the leftover pork tenderloin into a pasta. I was doubtful, but he was right.

I cut up the remaining 3 inches or so of meat into lengthwise quarters, then sliced about 1/8 inch thick. It looked like a lot, and indeed, we could have used less, but it was not clear how we’d use a small bit of leftover leftovers, so I just used it all. There was perhaps 2 – 3 Tbsp of the pomegranate sauce, to which I added about the same volume of water. I also cut up one scallion (could have used 2 – they shrink when cooked) into lengthwise very thin strips, and then crosswise into 2″ or so pieces. Sort of matchsticky. I cooked the pork and scallion pieces in the pom sauce, which had the effect of reducing the water a bit. That, plus salt and pepper, made up the pasta sauce. I used the egg tagliatelle from Etruria that I bought for our Christmas lunch – a chard/egg/noodle job that was quite good. The chard stems from that dish were our veggie tonight. I washed the stems and removed disreputable parts before stowing them on Christmas, and also cut them into 1 1/2″ or so lengths. Tonight I just cooked them in oil and butter with salt and pepper. They were really good – milder flavored than some I’ve had, and very pleasant tasting.

I cooked the bread today that D mixed up last night. I managed to round it up into this perfect little loaf – I was so tickled that it was so pretty 🙂

D brought up a Les Caves Joseph Bordeaux for this dinner, and it went fine with the meal.

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