Smoked Salmon and Leek Scramble; piperade; avocado – 3 January 2011

The entire title is Smoked Salmon and Leek Scramble with Meyer Lemon Creme Fraiche.

I found it on Epicurious (it was from Bon Appetit Dec 2005) when looking for something to make with the leftover creme fraiche from Christmas dinner. This also let me use up half of the remaining whipping cream (this is not health food) and had happy reviews, so it won out.

I think I would not add salt to the meyer lemon creme fraiche, but otherwise this was really good. I also served out the piperade left over from yesterday’s dinner – I needed only 3/4 of the recipe to cook the beans I had – and also the last half of an avocado, chunked and tossed with fresh lemon juice to slow discoloring. It was a yummy dinner, and I was pretty pleased.

I put together a no-kinead bread last night – 5/6 plain white flour and 1/6 whole wheat – and D baked it today. It was beautiful again 🙂

D kindly bought chives on the way home at the Bowl, since, thinking there were some in the garden, I failed to get them when I shopped this afternoon. He also picked up a Kermit Lynch wine that was quite wonderful, and not only low in price ($9), but low in alcohol (11.5%). It’s called Grangia, from Tintero (Italian).  It has a slight sparkle to it, and a clean, fresh taste that made us think of the Domaine Caton from a couple decades ago, which basically went with everything. This is not the same, but we are talking about buying a case of it (even cheaper!) b/c it should be really versatile.

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