Pizza with Brussels sprouts and pancetta – 6 January 2012

When I bought pancetta (minimum order 1/4 lb) for the pasta the other night, I also bought some Brussels sprouts so I could make this pizza to use up some of the remaining pancetta.

I got a kick out of how D folded the napkin to make all the colors visible.

I’ve made the pizza a couple of times before. We had it at Motorino in New York City, and this is the closest I have come so far to getting it right. I upped the amount of Brussels sprouts (to 11 large – I opened 12 and should have used the rest), pancetta (two rounds), fior di latte (about 1/2 pound of the stuff from The Pasta Shop on Fourth St), salt, and oil (drizzled it on after composing the pizza – don’t scrimp on either). It was quite good this time. The oil was probably what was needed to up the feeling of moisture.

I cut the two balls of mozz into 5 pieces each (and ate a couple, ok, I admit it) and let them drain about an hour on a sloped cutting board. In fact, these did not give off a lot of liquid, though the Gustosella mozzarella di bufala usually does. I put two rounds of pancetta onto a small plastic cutting board and put them in the freezer for awhile, making them easier to cut into 1 cm squares (kinda). I returned them to the fridge after cutting, and put them out for perhaps a half hour before adding them to the pizza. I peeled the outer, dark leaves off the sprouts, and cored them, then took apart the rest of the leaves till I couldn’t any more, and thin-sliced the rest of the sprout. Onto the uncooked crust, I put a large clove of garlic, minced (should use more), the mozz, the sprout leaves, and the pancetta, and then drizzled with perhaps 1 1/2 – 2 Tbsp of olive oil over the top, using a small ladle. I cooked this 8 minutes, and then strewed some grated Pecorino over it – again, not enough, but in this case I could add more.

We had what has become our “Friday wine,” Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which we get from Costco by the case. It’s a wonderful wine. We have it so often I don’t feel the need to photograph the front every time…


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2 Responses to Pizza with Brussels sprouts and pancetta – 6 January 2012

  1. quagliata says:

    Your pizza sounds great! I like the idea of brussels sprouts and pancetta.

    • berkeleybarb says:

      Well, it’s not my idea – it’s from Motorino in New York – highly recommended! If you Google motorino and brussel sprouts (yes, misspelled like that) you can get a video of the chef making one of these. I’ll check out your blog when I have some time – looks interesting!

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