Curried pork with Thai spinach – 8 January 2012

I made a recipe from Thailand the Beautiful, a gift form R sometime back, and it was good, though I think I would make some changes in the amounts of the ingredients.

I would increase the pork, and probably the spinach, relative to the sauce, which was too plentiful – usually not a problem but this was 90% coconut, so not exactly health food. I got a kick out of finding Thai spinach at the Bowl – the recipe called for spinach, but hey, it was a Thai cookbook – or rather a cookbook with very nice  Thai recipes. This version (a 1/2 recipe, allegedly 2 servings but we didn’t finish it) used 1/2 lb of pork loin, which translated to one Costco thick boneless loin chop. For the tamarind juice, I used “Tamarind paste concentrate” and thinned it 1:1. Other ingredients included fish sauce, sugar, red curry paste, and almost a whole can of fluffy coconut milk.

D chose a Salice Salentino to go with this – neither of us can remember where this came from, but it was very good, and remarkably well matched to the hot/curry flavor. However, I kept most of mine to sip after dinner instead.




This is not a day for health food. We had the savory pancakes with bacon, dandelion greens, and lemon-parsley butter for lunch, since we actually had all the ingredients, and didn’t have any bread. This is from Georgeanna Brennan’s Potager, one of our very best cookbooks.

Here are two more pictures so you can get more idea about the pancakes, but really, they deserve tasting instead.

We had a half bottle of Nobilo Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with this, which I had previously noted as being excellent with these pancakes.


{Drafted the 8th, completed and posted the 11th}

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