Panino with pesto, red pepper puree, and fresh mozzarella; yellow squash and tomatoes – 14 January 2012

Easy dinner tonight. When I cooked the eggplant “sandwiches” I had (as usual) some red pepper puree left over. I decided to use that in an imitation of a panino in a cookbook from ‘ino in New York. In fact, it’s the one on the cover.

That sandwich uses peperonata, but I substituted a red pepper puree (recipe here). Also, I used a cube of frozen pesto instead of making theirs, which has walnuts. I put the puree on the bottom part of the ciabatta roll, and the defrosted pesto cube on the top slice, and laid out slices of a brineless, inexpensive fresh mozz that I get at the Bowl. Grilled in the press. The oil in the pesto leaks out the top a bit and makes it look richer.

For a veggie, I cut two moderate-sized yellow squashes into halves, quarters, or sixths (depending on the thickness at that point) and cut into 1/4″ – 1/3″ thick slices. I sauteed these in oil to start them cooking while I cut up two of the quick-sale tomatoes I got the other day. Salted and peppered a lot while cooking. This turned out to be very tasty – D liked it and I was pleased.

D seems to be avoiding Cantina Zaccagnini this weekend. He chose a Colosi Nero d’Avola from Berkeley Bowl, which was very good for the meal.

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