Linguine with shiitake stems, oranges and parsley; pear salad – 17 January 2012

D is cooking again, with my semester starting, so he is doing his usual raiding of the fridge, making interesting combinations out of whatever is there.

The shiitakes were from … good grief, the 24th of December. They kept remarkably well. OK, I’m impressed. D cooked the stems in olive oil and some butter, along with parsley, salt and pepper. He tossed this with the cooked spaghetti, then tossed more fresh parsley over the top, and the secret ingredient – chunks of fresh orange. I never would have put those tastes together, but it was remarkably good.

The salad used up the last of the Bartlett pears, with romaine, and some Stilton from Harry and David that we received for Christmas. Pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Very yummy, though I think the Stilton may have been a bit stronger than the pear wanted.

D brought up the third of the Epicuro wines, the Nero d’Avola. I’m convinced that the Salice Salentino is the best of the three, though the Nero and the Aglianico are both good.

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