Eggplant, red pepper and feta pizza with basil – 25 January 2012

I defrosted this crust in the morning by taking it out of the freezer, putting a little olive oil into a medium porcelain bowl, rubbing the frozen dough all over carefully with oil, and leaving it in the bowl, tightly covered with plastic wrap (endlessly reused). It worked great! AT about 5:30 I put the dough (still in the covered bowl) into a warmed oven to rise for a bit, and that also seemed to make the dough happy. I had a small globe eggplant, and decided to save four slices for a potential eggplant “sandwich” tomorrow (a chunk that will become four slices, that is). I sliced the rest, brushed the slices with olive oil, and grilled over high heat will they were becoming blackish. They didn’t seem to be their usual squishy selves, so I just turned off the grill and left the eggplant slices under the cover to stay warm and perhaps cook a bit more.

The red pepper was grilled yesterday and half made into red pepper puree. I used perhaps 1/2 of the larger red pepper in this recipe, just diced large and the pizza topped with it. The last bit of leftover Bulgarian feta and three mega leaves from the basil I bought recently (chiffonaded) completed the recipe, except for some drizzled oil.

I had some of the leftover Two Mile Founder’s Rock with this.

{Written the 25th; copyedited, pictures added, and posted the 29th}

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