Grilled eggplant “sandwiches” before the symphony – 26 January 2012

I decided to try this recipe without the prosciutto to see how it would work.

The answer is: not great, but that could be a result of either the missing prosciutto – one entire slice per sandwich – or of the rather tasteless fresh mozzarella from Berkeley Bowl. I had planned on trying this, so kept a 2″ chunk from the fattest part of my small globe eggplant yesterday; this I cut into four slices. The center of the eggplant had dried a bit or something, as it had pulled little holes in itself. Clearly, the usual way of assembling the sandwich, with red pepper sauce on the bottom, was not going to work. So onto the bottom eggplant slices – grilled on the sides now on top – I put basil leaves, to make a good foundation for the red pepper puree. On top of that was a slice of fresh mozz, salted a bit, and then the top eggplant, grilled on both sides already. Per usual, the sandwich was grilled for about 2-3 minutes to finish the bottom and melt the cheese. It was good, just not fabulous as it usually is.

I had, truly, about 2 Tbps of leftover Two Mile Wines Founder’s Rock with this, b/c I had to drive almost immediately. I had another glass after I got home. Now for some ice cream!

R left me a pint of this exquisite chocolate-nibs ice cream, made with extra cream b/c he was trying to use it up. Amazing!

{Written the 26th; updated, pictures added, and posted the 29th}

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