Grilled swordfish with red pepper aioli; Thai jasmine rice; mashed turnip – 27 January 2012

Well, I have done a pretty lousy job of cooking for myself this week, but I decided to make something really delicious tonight. I was thinking of grilled marinated beef kebabs, but when looking, ran across this recipe and decided that, if swordfish were not ridiculously priced, I would do this: marinated swordfish with red pepper aioli, from Webers’ Art of the Grill. The fish was $14.99/lb, a far cry from the $27 at which D once bought it for my birthday, so I decided to go for it. I had half a grilled red pepper in the fridge already, and the rest was really easy.

Swordfish chunks, marinated and skewered

I also had a softish turnip that was left from a root-veggie meal (I think) that D cooked awhile ago. D said it was only worth mashing, and indeed, it was well worth that. I peeled it and cut it into small chunks, boiled in salted water, drained, and mashed with a small bt of butter, salt, and pepper. I did add a shaving of butter to serve it, too. It was totally delicious!









I decided to open our well-loved Chateau Saint-Sauveur Cotes du Ventoux, a great choice.


{Written the 27th; edited, pix added, and posted the 29th}

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