Panini with soppressata, fontina and arugula; chard with garlic – 29 January 2012

I wanted to use some Fontina Valle d’Aosta I had bought at the Cheese Board last week, and this recipe seemed ideal – easy and interesting.

I used Fra’ Mani soppressata I got at Berkeley Bowl, and also baby wild arugula I got there. And a Semifreddi ciabatta roll I got there too (this morning) come to think of it. The roll is rounded on top, and the rounded part is cut off. We had these small bits for lunch (see below). The remaining 1″ or so of roll is sliced horizontally. I used 4 rounds of soppressata, which just filled the surface of the roll one slice thick, then scattered on a bunch of arugula, which I had previously washed, stemmed, and left to dry. I used a planer to slice the fontina, and stacked it on about 2 slices thick, as the recipe indicated. However, there is no indication on the recipe how thick a “slice” is. I thought it was fine, but D, oddly enough, thought more cheese might be in order.

D harvested some chard from the garden in the late afternoon, and gave it a first wash; I stemmed and cut it, and washed the smaller pieces, then spun it to dry and left out on a towel to complete the drying. I cut up a very fat garlic clove somewhere between a mince (too lazy) and a chop (too big) and sauteed this briefly in olive oil, then added the chard and cooked for a couple minutes. I covered this while I cooked the sandwich in my panini press, but found it was not done enough, so I turned the heat up briefly and added a small bit of water to let the chard steam, and that was great.

D chose a Mas des Mas Saint Chinian, which we bouth enjoyed. However, at $8.95 it really is not a match for the Saint-Sauveur Ventoux, also from Grape Expectations.


I broke up the six remaining swordfish chunks from Saturday night and reheated them with the leftover Thai jasmine rice, and served the rest of the aioli to top this off. This is a delicious leftover! D made a pear salad with one of the red d’Anjou pears, some romaine, a bit of the wild baby arugula, and the remainders of the Thai spinach from ages ago, which I carefully salvaged. We retrieved the dressing from ages ago, too – the 30th of Dec, as it turns out – from the Tsunami recipe for an avocado/citrus salad with citrus dressing, which includes fish sauce and some {slightly?] hot red peppers. It’s better with its original salad, but an interesting change, anyway. I trimmed the top off the ciabatta roll in anticipation of dinner, and we had the top to soak up the dressing and the aioli for lunch.

{Started the 29th; lunch added, dinner edited, photos added, 4 Feb}

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