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Spaghetti with brown mushrooms, pine nuts, parsley, and pecorino Crotonese; Brussels sprouts – 13 February 2012

D made one of his specialties tonight. He sautees mushrooms and pine nuts, then adds parsley at the end, and tosses this with cooked spaghetti. More fresh parsley over the top, and a finish of pecorino shavings (using a carrot … Continue reading

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Dinner at Riva Cucina – 11 February 2012

We took R to Riva Cucina for dinner. We ordered three dinners – a risotto, a pasta, and gnocchi – and passed around the plates, each eating a third of each plate. We all thought the Passatelli was (were?) the … Continue reading

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Angel hair pasta with Brussels sprouts, soppresatta, pinenuts, and Grana Padano – 10 February 2012

D got home before I did for a change, and offered me “cooking wine” (he was, in fact, cooking) as soon as I walked in. He found this pasta recipe in one of the ‘ino cookbooks. He took the leaves … Continue reading

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Ploughman’s lunch for dinner – 9 February 2012

D walked in the door and proclaimed it was time for dinner. (Actually, then he allowed as how it might be a minute or two more…) He had bought an Acme sourdough baguette at the Bowl, and a jar of … Continue reading

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Grilled Swordfish with red pepper aioli; Thai jasmine rice; green beans with shallots – 4 February 2012

We had our most excellent neighbor T over for dinner, and, knowing she loves fish, I chose this recipe from Weber’s Art of the Grill, one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever used. The swordfish cubes are tossed with a … Continue reading

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Grilled Butcher’s steak with garlic and rosemary; risotto, green beans with mushrooms and sesame seeds – 3 February 2012

D went to Berkeley Bowl on his way home and bought a Butcher’s steak (“cheaper than flatiron”) and some Blue Lake green beans in a discount bag for 99 cents, and, adding a risotto, made this into a Christmas dinner … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato-basil sauce; salad with pomegranate seeds – 2 February 2012

D made a simple spaghetti sauce with a 28-oz can of San Marzano tomatoes and some more of the gargantuan basil leaves from the packet I bought last week. He did a good job of using stuff I had neglected, … Continue reading

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Omelette with mushrooms; sweet rustic baguette – 1 February 2012

D is cooking now, and he made a tasty omelette. He sauteed sliced white mushrooms in olive oil. Separately, he mixed 3 eggs with “some kinda Swiss”, grated. Probably some milk, but he is busy typing so I am not … Continue reading

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