Grilled Swordfish with red pepper aioli; Thai jasmine rice; green beans with shallots – 4 February 2012

We had our most excellent neighbor T over for dinner, and, knowing she loves fish, I chose this recipe from Weber’s Art of the Grill, one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever used.

The swordfish cubes are tossed with a mix of paprika, oil, chili powder, etc. and grilled. An aioli is made from roasted and peeled red peppers, lemon juice, salt, mayonnaise, and garlic to serve over the top. I like this served over Thai jasmine rice.

I prepped a bunch of Blue Lake green beans that D got at the Bowl in a 99 cent bag yesterday, and boiled them 5 minutes. D then reheated them with sauteed shallot slices before serving.

D chose a CalStar chardonnay to go with this, and it was a really outstanding match.





















T brought a “snack” of fingerling potatoes with chives, and a saffron aioli made with breadcrumbs. It was excellent! She brought a Prosecco from Berkeley Bowl – a staff pick – which went really well with the potatoes.



R joined us for dinner and supplied the dessert – a tiramisu. T ran home to get a Justin Vineyards dessert wine made from cabernet sauvignon grapes. What a feast!

{Written the 7th; WordPress image chaos battled to the death on the 9th}

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