Dinner at Riva Cucina – 11 February 2012

We took R to Riva Cucina for dinner. We ordered three dinners – a risotto, a pasta, and gnocchi – and passed around the plates, each eating a third of each plate. We all thought the Passatelli was (were?) the best, but all three were really good.

From the menu: GNOCCHI ALL’AGNELLO (“Potato dumplings with lamb ragu’, bell peppers, herbs, white wine and tomato, Parmigiano 15.5”). I put this first just b/c I had a better picture of it than of the others.

Arborio rice with Dungeness crab, scallop, squid, red onion & asparagus, seafood brodo 16

Parmigiano, egg & breadcrumb pasta sautéed with housemade Italian sausage, butter, sage & cream 15.5










We got a bottle of this wine:

2009 LA MOZZA MORELLINO DI SCANSANO $9/$34  “Ripe cherry, spice & licorice, medium-full bodied, moderate tannins, good finish. (Toscana)”to have with  dinner, and also a glass of this one:

2010 TERLAN PINOT BIANCO $9/$34 “Bouquet of apples & pears. Flavor of apple crisp, clove & quince. Long, citrus finish (Alto Adige)” that was recommended by our server, and that we thought might go well with the seafood risotto. The wine was bright and fresh, with an excellent flavor. Didn’t see the bottle itself so no picture.



We went home for dessert, which R had brought from home – a pound cake with some interesting flavors in it such as mace. We really enjoyed it a lot. D dug up a bottle of sweet wine from Eric Stauffenegger, which was a great addition.

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