Baked potato with sour cream; espresso cheese; zucchini; cauliflower – 5 March 2012

In order to use up more of the sour cream, D decided to make baked potatoes; however, he didn’t have baking potatoes, and he didn’t have the time to bake potatoes.

We had Yukon Golds, so he cleaned up two of those and microwaved them 11 minutes, and then put them under the broiler briefly to crisp the skins. He didn’t think the broiling did much, for however long he did it. He topped the potatoes with sour cream, and also chives from the garden. I had left a small zucchini (zucchino?) in the fridge, and he sauteed that up, thinly sliced, with some onions or shallots.

He also served out a Baltimore cheese with espresso lines in it, which was good.

He started dinner off by handing me a chunk of cauliflower to eat while he cooked.

He also made a no-knead bread today.

We tried out a bottle of 2006 Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc from Grocery Outlet ($6), which was not a shadow of its former self.

{Written the 10th}

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