Linguine with Wells sauce and goat cheese; salad – 6 March 2012

D took off with an idea I had the other night.

We had Patricia Wells’ goat cheese with tomato sauce, herbs, and olives, and noted there was enough goat cheese left to make it again. Remembering a pasta from the Pasta Bible that had tomato sauce and goat cheese, I mused that one could just make the Wells recipe into a pasta – and D decided to do that. He cooked up something less than 1 cup of Wells sauce, added rosemary and oregano as in the Wells goat cheese recipe, and then tossed in Nicoise olive halves and chunks of goat cheese (probably a bit under 2″ of log) into the drained linguine along with the sauce. It was great!

He also made a nice salad, based on romaine, with some radishes, and a balsamic vinaigrette. We had more of yesterday’s no-knead bread, and a “tester” bottle of Michel-Schlumberger “red wine” from Grocery Outlet. I liked this one a lot, but D thought it was too Californian for his taste. I didn’t think it had the “in your face” boldness that he dislikes, but I guess I was wrong. But I did ask R to pick us up a few more bottles, b/c it will go really well with grilled kebabs.


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