Cannellini beans; angel hair pasta with leftover sauce; cold veggies; before and after a neighborhood meeting – 12 March 2012

I got home with about 10 minutes to spare before our 6:30 neighborhood meeting. Since I was leading the meeting, it would not do to be late.

D had a nice plate of veggies for me, of which I managed the carrot and the bread (which I had with butter, oddly) before the meeting.

After the meeting we had more like a real dinner, at least sorta. D & R had angel hair pasta for lunch, and there was some left over, so D reheated that with some of the mushroom pasta sauce he’d made on the 8th. He also cooked cannellini beans yesterday, and reheated a batch with sage and garlic – they were delicious (though first needed a bit of salt). An Alice Waters recipe, says D, apparently from her “Simple Food” book.

We had another of the “tester” wines R bought at Grocery Outlet. It didn’t impress me overmuch, but it was good, and both of us ended up liking it. For $6, a decent deal. This is a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, though from the label you’d think it was from California 🙂

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