Odd lots: soup; potatoes with cannellini beans; cold veggies; cheeses – 15 March 2012

D had a good, if a bit odd, dinner waiting for us when we got back from tonight’s neighborhood meeting.

He made a soup yesterday for himself and R for lunch, with a canned broth, canned garbanzos, some roundish pasta and veggies. He reheated the remainder tonight, and also took the cut up pieces of the last of the previous no-knead bread and made them into croutons. He heated previously boiled potatoes with some of the cooked cannellini. He also served out some cold veggies – these were waiting for me before the meeting, but I got home too late, following running out of radiator water, to enjoy them then.

D bought two new cheeses – one called Holey Cow that we had with the bread for dinner, and the other called Huntsman’s that we had after dinner with some port, as instructed by signage at the Bowl (correct!). The Holey Cow looked like a Swiss, but was round and smooth in feel and taste, and perfectly delicious. The Huntsman’s was longhorn yellow (cotswold?) around the outside, and something like a bleu in the middle.

We had leftover Corbieres and Terrasomething Motepulciano d’Abruzzo, neither of which was earth-shattering, but both of which remained highly drinkable.

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