Pork chop pasta with sage; avocado salad; asparagus – 16 March 2012

We opened a wine I bought last week at Grocery Outlet – a Minervois that cost $15.99, but allegedly was (once) worth $60. D decided to use the last pork chop (also from Grocery Outlet) in a pasta to go with the wine.

He cooked some onion and sage, then sliced the pork shop thinly and added it, to warm it up. He boiled the asparagus and buttered it. (We didn’t have any more lemon.) We each had a chunk of the no-knead bread from yesterday with 1/6 buckwheat flour.

D also made a salad with romaine, and a “bacon avocado”, with a dressing of salt and pepper, my Chateau St. Jean grapeseed oil with basil and garlic, and sherry vinegar, which was a spectacular combination.

Here’s the wine label:

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