Spaghetti with mushrooms, pinenuts, parsley, and Pecorino Romano; lettuce wedge – 3 April 2012

{Written the 11th}

I am writing this from the photos, but I still remember enough to do this pretty well. D made his signature pasta, cooking sliced mushrooms, pinenuts, and parsley from the garden, and tossing over cooked spaghetti.

The final part is Pecorino Romano, shaved with a carrot peeler, but that covers up the other stuff so I shot it twice.

He had found iceberg lettuce at the Bowl for very cheap, so he bought some for fun, and fed us this lettuce wedge – a classic I remember mostly from seeing it on other students’ cafeteria lunch trays, but which D remembers from home. He made a dressing that was I think basically a vinaigrette, but also contained dijon mustard and two boquerones cut into two little bits. The boquerones are quite mild (for anchovies), and D thought he could have used more of them.

D also made a new loaf of no-knead bread today. I think this one had 1/6 whole wheat in it.

There is no wine shot, but the little picture at left includes a leftover wine container, so I’m sure that is what we had.

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