Omelette with ham and sage; radish – 4 April 2012

D made a very quick dinner tonight – planned in advance since it was not clear I would be home anywhere near on time, and this was something he could make quickly, or make once for himself and once again for me if I showed up late. I fortunately got my exam for tomorrow morning written before 5pm (!) and made it home by 6:30. Yay!

D put sliced garlic, shallots, and sage into the omelette, in addition to the smoked, sliced ham he buys frequently – Kentucky Legend – all cooked in butter. He used 4 eggs, and gave me some estimate like 1 1/2 of them, per my request. I cut two slices of yesterday’s no-knead bread and we toasted them in the toaster oven. They didn’t get very done before the omelette was done b/c the bread was quite damp this time, but it was really tasty.

Before cooking, D handed me our only veggie for the evening, halves of two radishes. They were good, of course.

Knowing he was going to make an omelette, D refrigerated a bottle of the Jaffelin Pouilly-Fuisse that R got us at Grocery Outlet a few weeks ago. We liked the first bottle, but this one was slightly off, and D thought it was a bit corked, though I couldn’t taste anything corky.

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