Roast chicken with root veggies; rice cooked in stock – 7 April 2012

For Saturday night, D roasted a Halal chicken (lowest priced one he was confident was healthful) with sage outside and rosemary inside, cooked on a bed of root veggies – turnips, rutabaga, parsnips, fennel, and celery root.

I helped cut up the veggies b/c there were a lot of them. I cut them into about 1/2″ thick little spears, maybe 1 1 1/2″ long. D chose the wonderful pot R gave us when he was in grad school in England – it’s a deep oval pot not too much larger than a chicken, with a rack and a cover. It does not work well for this particular dish, however, since the veggies do not cook, lacking air circulation inside the deep and chicken-filled pot.


After the chicken was nicely done, D removed it to let it sit, and put the uncooked veggies into a medium sized ceramic mixing bowl and tried to microwave them. this didn’t work very well, either. I’m writing this on the 12th, so I can say that the next day, he spread the leftover veggies onto two small baking sheets and cooked for about 10 minutes in our small (18″) oven at 450 degrees, and they were very well done. This brought out the wonderful sweetness of the veggies. I suggested just taking out the chicken and cooking the veggies on the stovetop in the chicken pot, but the roasting really does work well (even though it creates more dishes to wash!).



D also cooked some basmati rice in beef boullion, with onions and…some other stuff, I think, but not much 🙂

We had an outrageously good wine with this – D surprised me by bringing up a red – a 2006 Petite Syrah from Two Mile. I was expecting a bold chardonnay or something. The Petite Syrah had a pruney sweetness in there somewhere that D thought would be good with the meal. And it was good, but would have been really perfect, as he noted the next day, if the veggies had had all their roasted sweetness brought out.

{Written the 12th, photos added and posted the 21st}

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