Chicken sandwiches on baguette; asparagus; potatoes – 10 April 2012

D bought an Acme Long Italian Baguette today for himself and R for lunch, and we had more of it for dinner, for chicken sandwiches.

He used more of the roasted chicken from Saturday night, some romaine, and a bit of the dijon/mayonnaise/parmesan/lemon dressing from the broiled chicken/tomato/lettuce dinner I made the previous weekend. he also boiled some asparagus stalks – not quite long enough, it turns out – but they were tasty, if a bit crunchy and humorous to try to cut with a fork. He boiled up some Yukon Golds in chunks – a ‘use me quickly’ bag he bought today at the Bowl – and then reheated some of them in olive oil with a little red onion, salt, and pepper. They were yummy, especially after I salted them a bit more.

He tried some of the Grocery Outlet Pouilly Fuisse leftover from a weekend lunch and was not impressed, so he opened a new bottle from the fridge, and we had that. I liked it just fine, and I think he did, too.

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