Risotto with asparagus, tarragon, chives, and parsley – 21 April 2012

D indulged me with Spring Risotto.

It was published in the Contra Costa Times in 2003 under that title, but was originally from an article by Amanda Hesser in the New York Times. It has 1/4 cup each tarragon, parsley, and chives, which are pureed with 1/4 cup olive oil and some salt and pepper. 3/4 lb asparagus is boiled 90 seconds in generously salted water and quick-cooled with ice water, then cut into 1/2″ pieces. A cup of arborio rice is cooked briefly in a bit more oil, and then 1/3 cup white wine is added, followed by 1/2 cup doses of the simmering chicken stock (total 5 cups, all is heated with a peeled clove of garlic in it – he used Swanson’s), each dose stirred till absorbed. The rice is cooked till “al dente but quite loose”. Off the heat, the herb oil, 2T butter, and the asparagus are stirred in. The grated parmesan (calls for a cup) is “showered” over the plated risotto.

D also made a new no-knead bread today¬† an especially beautiful one. this one was 1/6 “white whole wheat” 1/3 Central Milling company white (from Costco), and the rest King Arthur (blue) bread flour. He pressed Kosher salt into the top of the loaf after dropping it into the cooking pot, which added a nice little bright flash to some bites while eating it.

The Spring Risotto recipe was in an article on chardonnays, and D chose a 2009 CalStar Sonoma Coast chardonnay, which is bold and very Californian, which for this meal is right. What a great wine!

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