Dinner at Local Mission Eatery – 28 April 2012

D decided we should take R to Local Mission Eatery, and sit at the bar so we could watch the cooks. It was great fun.

We took BART to 24th and Mission, arriving about a half hour before our reservation so we could walk around a bit and see the area again. LME has a nice arrangement where you can order half-sized versions of the dishes, so you can sample more of the menu. They also pride themselves on local sourcing and organic, sustainable food.

I’ve chosen one of the dishes for the main picture, but they were all interesting and delicious. This is roasted ribeye, with red potatoes, porcini, and a nettle puree that was the darkest, richest green you’ve even seen in a food.

For starters we had chilled asparagus soup, with meyer lemon oil. This was listed with pickles, and also lavender almonds. The pickles never showed up, but the almonds were truly fascinating.

We had a terrine…

We also had grilled quail, with braised “little gems” (little lettuces as I recall), strawberry sofrito, and turnips in jus…

…and polenta cooked in whey, with a poached egg, goat gouda, charred pickled spring onions, and ricotta.

The cooks also gave us a chantenay carrot salad, with yogurt, dill, agretti, and kale, as a present. They clearly enjoy having people watch and appreciate their work, and are friendly and forthcoming about the food.

The ricotta agnolotti was a delicious dish: little ravioli of ricotta – which were great but the least interesting part – with bright, fresh veggies – English peas, carrots, fava beans, and Meyer lemon.

We had a red varietal wine called charbono with most of the meal, and I thought it was delicious.

We had glasses of whites with the first part of the meal (asparagus soup, ricotta agnolotti) which was a good idea. R’s was the best match – a brut, of which I did not get a picture or a name (but on 17 June the menu lists “Terra Savia” in Mendocino, so perhaps that was it). D got the Robinia, which was very nice, and is shown below.I ordered a Sauvignon Blanc that was from a winemaker who had recently had a dinner at LME, and it was interesting and good, but not as good a match for the meal.

For dessert, we  had all three sweet things and shared them:

chocolate pudding with coffee foam, cookies and cream; milk and honey beignet with confiture de lait and walnuts; and strawberry delice with meringue, lemon and almond.

{Written near the 28th, wines updated by means of online sources, and posted the 17th of June.}

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