Pizza Margherita – 7 May 2012

I had plans to make a pizza whenever the bread ran out, which was today at lunch.

I got home after 5pm, and aggressively defrosted my most recent dough, which had more than 1/3 white whole wheat flour. I ended up immersing a small bowl in warm water until the dough rose quite nicely. I also defrosted a vat of margherita sauce that had 2/3 cup plus 2T in it, which was a little much, but really fine. On Saturday I had bought two balls of Gustosella mozzarella di bufala from The Cheese Board, and I cut these up and let them drain a bit, though less time than usual – maybe a half an hour.

One of the balls actually had very little liquid in it but it did not seem harmed by that fact, so I used it. One motivating factor in getting me to make this particular pizza was that we still had basil from … might have been the previous Margherita! As usual, I precooked the crust 1 ½ minutes, then topped with sauce and cheese, baked 6 more minutes, and finally strewed basil over it.

We had our last bottle of Monte Antico (Costco) with this. It has nice flavors in it but needs a lot of airing. I didn’t take the picture till the next morning.

{Drafted the 8th, spiffed up, pictures added in, and posted the 28th}

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