Sorrel soup – 23 May 2012

D wanted to cook tonight because he really wanted to make sorrel soup.

Our old sorrel plant finally gave up last year, and D planted a new one this spring. It finally got big enough to raid for soup.

The soup is from Potager by Georgeanne Brennan, one of our absolutely best cookbooks. It has leeks and potatoes, cooked in oil and I think butter, and then in a chicken stock (D used Kirkland boxed stock) with cut strips of sorrel leaves stirred in at the end, and also served over the top along with chopped chives. D added some chive blossoms, a lovely touch.

Soup cooking, with chives for garnish

We started with some cold veggies (carrots and a radish), picholine olives, some Acme Italian Batard, and the rest of the Alouette “extra creamy brie” from last night, which was very tasty.

D chose a Bruno Porro Dolcetto di Dogliani from the basement, which had some nice flavors, but was too old and had faded a bunch. We are betting this was from Trader Joe’s, but even if we’re right… who knows when? D disliked his and didn’t finish it (redirected for cooking), but I found enough to like that I drank mine. He was very disappointed.

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