Spaghetti with fava beans and morels (!) – 24 May 2012

I wrote to D this afternoon asking if he had an idea for dinner, since we really hadn’t decided who was cooking. He answered: “Yes”


He shelled some favas and then boiled them and skinned them, cut up some morels and tried vainly to brush them clean (and got amazingly close) cooked with winter savory, tossed with spaghetti, and shaved pecorino romano over the top of each serving. It was intriguing and quite tasty, though, as D noted, the favas could have cooked 6 minutes instead of 4. He also thought he should have mashed a few of the larger beans with oil to make a base for the sauce. Good idea.

Here is my informally served appetizer of half a and two halves of a radish, along with the morels in the process of being cut up.


D was still unhappy about last night’s wine, and said he would get a GOOD bottle tonight. I thought he meant better quality, but he just meant not too old. He brought up an Epicuro Aglianico, which is always tasty, and costs only about $5 at Trader Joe’s. Amazing deal.

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