Calzone from PiQ; broccoli – 31 May 2012

We didn’t start bread b/c D would not be here to finish it anyway, so D suggested that he buy something for dinner at PiQ, where he had a meeting in the late afternoon, providing the offerings looked good.

They did and they were. This was the largest calzone of a number in various sizes, he said, and it cost $7.50, which seems reasonable. We were instructed to cut it in half (perhaps to watch better, perhaps to allow heat inside) and heat at 350 for 5 to 10 minutes. It actually heated about 8 minutes, at which time I saw the cheese melting out onto the baking sheet. We really enjoyed this.

D also rescued some almost-gone broccoli and prepped it, and I boiled it five minutes, then drained it, salted, and reheated in some butter. It was delicious!

D chose an Epicuro Primitivo de Manduria 2008. I don’t recall having had their Primitivo before, but D thinks we did. I wasn’t terribly impressed – perfectly good, not great, but for $5 can you ask for great? However, I remember really finding their Salice Salentino delicious – at least once. This is from Trader Joe’s. I like the red on the label.

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