Bocadillos with speck and manchego; beet greens with leftover tomato bits – 3 June 2012

I decided to make these sandwiches yesterday, when researching the recipe for speck (smoked prosciutto) earlier on this blog. The search returned another recipe that used the same meat, this sandwich from the cookbook Pinxtos, which my brother B gave me last Christmas.

I used the bread we had from yesterday (you have to cook with the bread you have, not the bread you wish you had) instead of the suggested sourdough. The recipe calls for ham, so serrano would be a good idea. I bought two tomatoes at the Bowl yesterday and sliced one of them for this sandwich, and I also bought some Don Juan manchego, which I planed onto the sandwich. Bread, speck, tomato slices, manchego, more speck, other bread spread with Dijon mustard. I grilled this in my panini press, which was a challenge b/c the press kept trying to slide the top bread with respect to the bottom, but it turned out fine.

Yesterday at the Berkeley farmers’ market I bought some beets from Riverdog Farm, and used the tops tonight. I washed and stemmed them, then dried till time to cook. I chopped up a large clove of garlic and cooked in olive oil for  a minute or so, then added the beet greens and cooked till wilted. I added water to cover the bottom of the frying pan and covered to steam, b/c the leaves felt rather thick and tough. Well, something worked, b/c the greens were just as tender as you could ever imagine. I also noted that about 1/4 of the tomato from the sandwich was still left, and, knowing it would just languish and eventually be tossed if I didn’t use it, I chopped it up and threw it into the beet greens while they steamed. This was a delicious dish.

D chose a nice wine from Grocery Outlet – Anna Delaroche Cotes du Rhone, 2009. to me, this is more a gulping wine than a sipping wine, but that is really appropriate for this dinner anyway. I really enjoyed the wine.

D brought out a peach from the Grand Lake farmers’ market on Saturday, and it was tasty, but not a good as the one we had for lunch b/c not quite as ripe.


Lunch was a sandwich, too: an Emmenthaler and lettuce sandwich, which D made to sparkle by making a fresh Gaeta olive tapenade and spreading it on. He also boiled and reheated (in butter) the rest of the sugar snap peas, and we had cherries and peach slices for dessert.

D brought up a half-bottle of Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc, which I bought (in large quantity!) for $3/bottle  ages ago at Grocery Outlet, and it was excellent with the meal, including the peaches. Isn’t the iced glass a nice look?

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