Dinner at Borobudur – 9 June 2012

D suggested, rather out of the blue, that we run into SF and have dinner at Borobudur, an Indonesian restaurant we had tried when in SF with D’s Dad P a couple of years ago. Arriving a half hour early on BART, we had a chance to walk around, notably up to California Street at the top of the hill, before returning to the restaurant for dinner.

We chose one dish that we had last time – from the online menu: “Roti Prata $7.50 Pan fried layered bread served with curry dipping sauce”. This is scrumptious, and is almost worth (my guess as to) the incredible caloric load it must incur 😉  D suggested “Sate Kombinasi $10.95 Combination of grilled marinated chicken & beef on skewers served with peanut sauce” which was good, but both of us thought it was the least interesting of the three dishes.

We both thought this was the winner:

“Tumis Bayam Bawang Putih $8.50 Sauteed spinach with tofu & garlic.” the taste was intriguing – D thought it had fish sauce, but with the tofu it seemed intended to be a vegetarian dish, so not sure what was so delicious. The little bits of red pepper definitely tasted of something they were soaked in, but what, I do not know!

Knowing how well our Bear Boat riesling goes with Asian/spicy food, we chose this: “J.LOHR Riesling (Monterey, CA) Pear, Lychee, Pineapple, Peach, & White Flowers – One Bottle $22.95”. The bottle further referred to the wine as “White” riesling, and “Bay Mist. It was quite sweet, but worked well with the Indonesian food. Note the incredibly reasonable wine prices at this restaurant. They have a minimalist wine list – one type of each varietal they carry.

Too full for dessert, we walked south to see what the huge, tall, glassy structure was that we first noticed from CA street (Federal building) and then got on the train to return home. A very nice outing.


Lunch had some interest so I’m posting. We had half the feta left over from… the zucchini and corn pizza, and also I grilled some on-sale red peppers yesterday, so I thought of maing them into a sandwich. D added some of the new pitted picholines from the Bowl, as well as some of the leftover basil, and grilled the sandwiches. They were very good!

We also had cold veggies, and some J. Vidal Fleury Cotes du Rhone.

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