Bread and cheese, salad, before the City Council meeting – 12 June 2012

{Written the 30th}

Well I didn’t even draft this one, amazingly enough, so this is all from memory and from photos.

We had a City Council meeting, that I’m sure of. I bought some cheeses at the Bowl – one we were familiar with, which I thin was “Alouette,” which is only $4.99 – well, for 5 oz. The orangey one is “Brebisrousse d/Argental,” according to the Bowl’s printed label. Since they also have labels with “proscuitto” on them, I don’t necessarily trust them with the spelling, except for the “rouss” and “gent” parts, which are visible on the cheese’s own label. It was quite wonderful; cost $19.99/lb.

I think we had the rest of a baguette with this that D bought for himself and R for lunch. Probably a Long Italian or a Rustic. Most likely a Rustic.

We just had some nice cold veggies with this; those are picholine olives from the Bowl with the carrots and radishes. We undoubtedly had some leftover wine with this but I don’t know which. If I decide to figure it out by looking at what isn’t accounted for on the blog, I’ll add it in.

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