Dinner from Anchalee – 13 June 2012

Having no bread, and having two Rieslings from Grocery Outlet to try out, I decided Asian food was the way to go. When I realized it would be a good workout night, which would make me late, I decided to indulge in the rare takeout dinner, from our neighborhood Thai restaurant Anchalee.

I ordered a bunch of stuff for D and me, knowing it would serve well for lunch tomorrow, too. I always order Popiah – crispy rolls with a sweet sauce, served with fresh lettuce and veggies and a creamy pink dressing. I ordered two appetizers from the menu specials:  – “Curry rolls” were crispy rolls with a good sauce that had cucumbers in it. Also Pla Goong – a prawn salad. For the necessary curry, I chose spicy pork in curry sauce, served over eggplant and bok choy. It was delicious! I inquired about the mango salad with cashews, cherry tomatoes, and who knows what else, and the server said it was her favorite; so I ordered that, too, and we loved it.



One essential was the “jasmine brown rice” which has a significant admixture of dark and medium brown grains, and is nicely chewy and delicious.

We were less impressed by the wines, unfortunately. Nothing like the find of Bear Boat last year. One was Dancing River, the other Hayes. We failed to taste them before the food, which was a mistake, but of course, the point was for them to go with the food, so it was not a bad mistake. The Hayes seemed the more interesting of the two, but still no match for our dear Bear Boat.

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