Hamburgers; refried potatoes; broccoli – 14 June 2012

We had a cab from Grocery Outlet that I wanted to try before too long, so I just made hamburgers. What the heck. And they were really delicious hamburgers – one of the best I’ve had, I think.

The hamburgers: about 1/2 lb of defrosted Costco hamburger (which, they claim, is sans pink slime), a goodly dose of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce, and two thin onion slices, cut into a tiny dice. I mixed these thoroughly but trying not to compress them too much, then shaped into two very flat, wide burgers, to fit (more or less) the roll I drafted into the role of… roll. This was a ciabatta roll from Semifreddi, the same ones we use for panini. I came home thinking I had to defrost the roll first, and then neglected it till about a half hour before dinner {{sigh}}. Put in the sun, split it lengthwise and tipped up in the sun again, laid the thicker half over the refrying potatoes… anyway, eventually it defrosted well enough, and I grilled the pieces briefly – just enough to crisp the edges – before serving. I salted the Hbs and grilled them a short time, but evidently long enough. Served each on half of the ciabatta roll, with romaine, thin slices of an Odoriko tomato, ketchup, and mayonnaise (for me; ketchup and mustard for D).

I boiled up one Yukon Gold and one red-skinned white potato, then drained them and reheated with some chopped onions I’d cooked down a bit in olive oil. Salted and peppered – the usual. I cut up some broccoli, both florets and peeled stem bits, and steamed them 5 minutes, then reheated in butter and salt in the same pan.

The Brutocao Cab (2008, Mendocino, Contento Vineyard) was terrific, with a fascinating smokey taste to it. Is this a “Brutocao taste” like the old “Sattui taste”, before Daryl gave up being the winemaker? Anyway, we’re off to buy more of this and the Zin in the morning.

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