Curried chicken and red pepper; Thai jasmine rice; Thai cucumber relish – 17 June 2012

We had one more Riesling from Grocery Outlet to try, so I made one more Thai-ish meal for the purpose.

This is a recipe I found online and liked quite a bit, for its flavor as well as for being remarkably easy. I used one package – just over a pound – of Costo chicken breasts (2). Other than that, I followed the recipe. It needed salt, so I am adding 1/2 tsp salt to the end of the recipe in my notebook.The recipe I used I now find on, though it was originally from The recipe there now is slightly different, but it looks like a great site – albeit aimed at selling their ingredients.

Basically, you heat curry paste (I used Patak’s Madras curry b/c that is what I had) in oil (peanut), then add a can of coconut milk and cook, add bite-sized pieces of chicken breast (I used about 1 lb) and cook a bit, add fish sauce, sugar, and sliced red pepper and cook till the chicken is done, then add basil leaves (and salt!) and you’re done.

I served this over Thai jasmine rice, obviously perfect, and also a rejuvenated cucumber relish I made for yesterday’s lunch, from Thai Street Food, one of the world’s most beautiful cookbooks. Basically: water, white vinegar, sugar, salt: boil to dissolve solids and cool, then add thin sliced cucumber and shallot, and finely diced 1/4 of a Fresno chili. Done.

The wine was Estancia 2008 Riesling. I liked it, D didn’t love it enough to stock up. He has a thing about white wines, it’s easy for them to bug him some way. Anyway, Grocery Outlet may be out of this one anyway, b/c there didn’t seem to be a lot when we first bought it a week ago. Might check, for the heck of it.


Have to mention Father’s Day lunch, too:

We had a bunch of dandelions growing healthily in the front yard, so I suggested this dish, which is from Potager by Georgeanne Brennan. Basically, for each serving, three savory pancakes with scallions are intercalated with steamed dandelion greens and crispy bacon, and then lemon butter with parsley is poured over the top. Amazing.I think we had a Nobilo from Grocery Outlet with this, to try it out, and it was very good – like old times.

R brought a Father’s Day cake, which had chocolate and coffee cake as the exterior, and a frozen center, with strawberries to decorate the outside. It was scrumptions! We invited our neighbor T over for a bit of it, since she was working hard in her yard.

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