Grilled zucchini, eggplant, and red pepper in individual marinades; fresh mozzarella; refried rice – 18 June 2012

The other day I ran across this recipe in my recipe notebook, with a notation “Outstanding”, from 28 July 2011.

I bought two small-medium zucchini, a rather fat Japanese eggplant, and a good sized “Holland” red pepper at the Bowl yesterday to make this, and ran to The Pasta Shop on Fourth Street after my workout today to get the mozz.

Each veggie has its own marinade, all in olive oil. Zucchini: mint; eggplant: basil and garlic; red pepper: crushed red pepper flakes and garlic. The sliced veggies coated with marinade are grilled for 5 or so minutes (till soft and done) and the rest of the marinade is served with them.

I thought we would each have a ball of mozzarella (the tasty Ovolini from The Pasta Shop) but we ended up just splitting one, so I have an extra to deal with – besides the one I bought to take for lunch with the non-existent leftovers! I also cooked up the last of the Thai jasmine rice, first sauteeing some chopped yellow onion till soft, and then adding the rice. It was a good accompaniment.

Next to The Pasta Shop is Vino, the shop that sells Grape Expectations wine imports. GrapeE is one of the most reliable importers of excellent, affordable wine. I went there to get a case of (what was called) Chateau Saint-Sauveur Cotes du Ventoux, but which has morphed into “Cuvee Passion”. Bizarre and sad. This is an honest and good French wine trying to masquerade as a gimmicky American one, and selling itself way short in the process.






Leftover marinade is served at the table.

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