Pizza Margherita; eggplant caponata – 19 June 2012

Well, last night I expected each of us to eat a ball of fresh mozzarella, and I also expected there to be leftover grilled veggies. I was going to take the veggies and a third mozzarella ball to work for lunch, so I bought three balls while at The Pasta Shop on 4th street. No dice. Instead, there were two leftover mozzarella balls and no veggies. Also, D did not start bread. Voila! Pizza time!

I just moved a few-months-oldish vat of 2/3 cup Margherita sauce from the freezer to the fridge before work, and made a crust when I got home. D bought some more basil this morning, since our plants are not looking that rich at the moment. That’s the pizza. Talk about easy!

D also suggested we have some of the eggplant caponata from Saturday as a side dish, so we did that. I also took some for lunch. It’s quite delicious, and in fact I think it’s better since it’s had a chance for flavors to meld. I didn’t make it early enough on Saturday for it to be quite coherent by dinnertime.

We had the leftover Brutocao wines for dinner – 1/3 bottle each of the cab and the zin. They were both really good, still. I’m glad we bought a bunch of these while Grocery Outlet still had them!

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