Panino and green beans before the LeConte neighborhood meeting – 21 June 2012

Amazing. I called D at 6:33 and reminded him we should already be eating. He was walking home already, and suggested I turn on the panini press and cut some bread. I did. We finished dinner at 6:56. Finished!

It was good, too. D cleaned up some haricots and boiled them, and they were delicious, and also served halves of two radishes. For the sandwiches, he just cut up some Comte we got at Costco last Friday, and an Odoriko tomato from the Bowl (Miyashita Farm, $3.29/lb) and added mayonnaise, then put them on the panini press.Voila! D noted that this would have been better with a smidgen of onion in it, and he was right, but it was still very tasty.

We had the last 1/3 bottle of one of the attempted Grocery Outlet rieslings, probably the Dancing River, and it was ok but not great. We made it to the meeting on time and met the mayoral candidates and heard some good presentations.


D put together a fascinating salad. First, he bought iceberg lettuce, which is rare. Likely it looked really good and was on sale. Crisp and refreshing (not that we needed it on this cold, grey, windy summer solstice…). Anyway, he also added an avocado from Costco, whose avocados are amazingly good, and also the rest of the cucumber relish that he made a couple days ago, still using the sweet and sour marinating liquid (water, white vinegar, sugar, salt) I made for dinner last week. So that added cucumbers, Fresno chili bits, and thin sliced shallots to the salad, as well as a “dressing” of sweet and sour liquid. It was great!

This was not the main dish for lunch, though. He reheated a small bit of the chicken curry from a couple days ago, and added tofu chunks, (unused from last night’s spinach dish) which he fried till nearly crisp around the edges in peanut oil, sesame oil, and a bit of soy sauce. He also cooked up rice – Thai jasmine I think – in the cast-iron frying pan, with red onions in the mix,

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