Omelette and fresh peas – 23 June 2012

We went to a wine tasting all afternoon where we also had pizza, so we didn’t need a lot of dinner – and in fact ate after 9pm. D decided (correctly) that an omelette would be the right idea.

He got some chives from the herb pots, and a volunteer that is growing in the pot – probably, he says, marjoram. He shaved some of the Comte cheese we got last wee at Costco, and also used some of the half and half he’s been trying to use up since R left it on Father’s Day. Just one egg apiece, and it was just right.

I was thinking we should have haricots with the omelette, but D had bought shelling peas, which I didn’t know, and when I came into the kitchen I found him shelling them. They were a perfect addition. They want to be cooked longer than you’d guess – perhaps as much as 6-8 minutes. D cooked them 4 minutes, and they still had crunch. This was not a problem, given they’re perfectly good raw.

I cut two slices from the great bread D made a few days ago, and toasted them in the toaster oven.

D dug out what he thought was a half-bottle of Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc, but it was an old bottle. We think it had the Dancing River Riesling from Grocery Outlet that we tried out along with the Hayes last week. Not great, not bad.

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