Porcini and scamorze “quiche”; avocado salad – 24 June 2012

When D found porcini at the Bowl the other day, he evidently thought quickly enough to buy the makings of this dish, which he punted from a related recipe in Mexico the Beautiful. He no doubt was also remembering the quart of half and half we needed to use up after R left it last week.

The original dish is an egg/cream mixture (salt and pepper) poured over grated Monterey Jack and chunks of roasted poblano peppers. It’s fabulous! This take-off was D’s rather quite successful attempt to mimic a “porcini in scamorze” dish I ordered in a cafe in Firenze more than a decade ago. I was never able to replicate it, but by trying this method – basically, but trying a custard instead of plain melted cheese – D came as close as I can imagine. He cooks diced porcini and minced garlic in butter, and places these in casuelitas over chopped scamorze (smoked mozzarella). He mixes the egg and cream, salt and pepper, and pours it over the cheese and mushroom/garlic mix. He bakes 40 minutes at 350, with the casuelitas immersed in water (which I pre-boiled).

D also made a simple but delicious salad, with lettuce from our garden (amazingly delicate!) and an avocado from Costco which had become ripe. Costco has excellent Haas avocados. D drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the salad.

He chose a Grocery Outlet wine to go with dinner – one we’d bought a bunch of after trying it: Anne Delaroche Cotes du Rhone 2009. It’s quite good, and a remarkable find for about $5.

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