Maltagliati with bacon and chives; broccoli – 28 June 2012

D  called me from work (since I was not at work today) having decided what he wanted to make for dinner. Could I please make a batch of fresh pasta dough – which has to sit for at least an hour before it’s rolled – so he could make the Pasta Bible’s maltagliati recipe? Well, sure!

This was because we still had two slices of bacon to use up (reduced to one by this meal). The topping is extremely simple: bacon cut up into tiny pieces and cooked, chives, butter. The pasta is rolled into sheets, and then cut into irregular pieces. “These are badly cut,” I announced, which of course is the point, and the meaning of “maltagliati.”

D also boiled up some broccoli in salted water, and served it with a bit of butter. Yummy 🙂

D mixed up a new no-knead bread yesterday, and I baked it this morning. It was, as usual, delicious!

We had two “used wines” with this – the Chianti (slightly the worse for being left over) and the Penfold’s Koonunga Hill, still pretty good. They were kept in 250ml bottles, to keep the air out, but this does not always prevent the wine from becoming oxidized.

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