Grilled, marinated short ribs; pilaf; spinach – 30 June 2012

We realized that we were overdue for a “Christmas” – wherein D provides me with a “wine of the month” of his choice, to go with a great dinner.

He decided on a short rib from the batch we bought recently at Costco. He cut it into four pieces and marinated in Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, onions, a bit of garlic, thyme, and some sherry vinegar and red wine (that was not good enough to drink). These he grilled on the range for “at least 15 minutes” (!) – he says. On medium? “pretty high”. They were not overdone, so… great! He cooked down the marinade, including the chopped onions, and then added the spinach to it. Wow – this was an excellent way to cook spinach! It went superbly with the beef. He started the rice by cooking sliced brown mushrooms in olive oil, then adding the rice (as a pilaf), then some red wine and salt, and water. It was terrific! The three dishes went together extremely well.

D opened a bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water, another treat. He also brought around a fresh plum for dessert, which was most excellent!

The wine was CalStar Pinot Noir 2006. We think this has been in our cellar a couple of years, and it was really smooth. An excellent wine. Yay!

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